A technology company

Programage LTD, was started on January 11th 2011, as a professional Information Technology Company, dealing with domain name registration, web hosting, website design and IT consultancy

"It's our goal to be the first in the market to bring you innovative products at competitive prices without compromising strength and reliability. We started as pioneers in the web hosting industry and will continue to use innovation and forethought to keep Programage moving in this direction."

In an industry in constant evolution our main mission is to create IT solutions, that can adapt any form of business environment no matter what are the changes and circumstances; strategic innovation, is the the key in achieving robust and yet flexible product development for our clients.

Our core values are :

  • Service quality
  • Adapted Products
  • Creativity and Efficiency

The general growth strategy of PROGRAMAGE is diversification. We try to cover a wide range of services all related to each other directly or indirectly.

Using technology to help our clients improve productivity, in their business.

Our Goal is to be able to serve our clients in almost every aspects relating to their information Technology needs. By the time this company profile is being created, the company is 3 years old and is empowering about 150 Businesses, individuals and organazations. Our goal is to constantly increase these numbers without compromising service quality.