Processor Security Vulnerabilities

Information about the processor security vulnerabilities, and the potential exploits known as "Spectre" and "Meltdown".

You are probably already aware of the recent processor vulnerabilities that have been reported in the media. The security exploits are also known as "Spectre" and "Meltdown" and could lead to various attacks on almost all modern computer processors.

PROGRAMAGE Takes Security Very Seriously

PROGRAMAGE has taken these security vulnerabilities very seriously and have already thoroughly investigated these vulnerabilities in various CPU architectures in order to protect your systems from abuse. These vulnerabilities, which have only recently been made public, have existed for more than 20 years in all modern processor architectures from renowned manufacturers such as Intel, AMD and ARM. They are not limited to servers and desktop computers, and can affect even mobile devices in which these processors are used.

Put simply, attackers can exploit these vulnerabilities to access and read sensitive information such as passwords, keys and various content.

The actual cause of the vulnerability has to do with how processors from several manufacturers are designed.

Next Steps by PROGRAMAGE

Since replacing hardware is very costly and time consuming, manufacturers of software and operating systems have developed or are developing software-based solutions to fix these vulnerabilities using updates to the operating systems.

We are therefore working closely with our technical partners to eliminate all potential risks, and are in the process of hardening our systems and any hardware products that may be affected.

If our work in updating our platform and installing these patches causes any problems or slowdowns in the affected systems, we will inform you.

There is no indication that these vulnerabilities have been exploited on any of our systems, but due to the global nature if this issue, and its potential to affect most devices we advise you to install any available patches and safety updates provided by the manufacturer of your operating system (e.g. Microsoft Windows or Apple OS) as quickly as possible.

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