Best smart alarm clocks 2021: Top Google Assistant, Alexa and traditional picks to start your morning with

No matter how many hours of sleep you manage each night, hearing your alarm tone and trying to wake up in the morning never really gets any easier.

Tech can't yet promise to help you feel fresher in the morning, but devices like smart alarm clocks are helping to ease the burden on your body by supporting handy home automation and friendlier reveilles.

So you can pick the best smart alarm companion for your bedside table, we've tested and delivered our verdict on some of the very top options - whether that's from Amazon, Google or companies offering a more traditional clock design.

There's something for every budget, so let's dive in and help make your wake-ups less problematic.

And if you want something a bit different, do also check out our list of the best wake-up lights available, for alarm systems that will gradually wake you up with light. 

Best smart alarm clocks available to buy

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