Street Fighter comes to Fortnite again

Fortnite's world-conquering tie-ins continue to tumble out at pace, and it's returning to videogames for its next big one - teaming up with Street Fighter once again to bring some familiar combatants into the fray.

The American fighters Cammy and Guile are the ones joining this time around, with iconic looks and voice lines to boot, in a couple of skin variations each. Chun-Li and Ryu already came to the Island last year, so don't be against some more Street Fighter legends coming eventually.

Both Cammy and Guile are sporting their classic improbable hairstyles - Cammy's pigtails so long they'd take a lifetime to grow, and Guile's wedgetop so absurd that it almost defies description.

They're both available in their classic Street Fighter looks (meaning largely green) alongside a variant skin. For Cammy's it's a tactical vest and pants, while Guile is going to the beach for some volleyball with a towel around his neck, Top Gun style.

There's plenty of stuff going on in Fortnite right now, not least the live Rift Tour that's kicking off with Ariana Grande imminently, so it's a great time to drop in and see what's happening on the Island - just be sure to bring your A-game!

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